After 20 years of owning and operating our own catering company in Metro Vancouver and 12 years of specific wedding expertise, we know a lot about the art of parties. We were recognized as Best Caterer in Burnaby by Burnaby Now for 12 years in a row. Then we came home to Penticton, childhood home of our Director of Fun.

Chef Nene Lofrano

Chef Nene Lofrano

Director of Food

Chef Nene Lofrano has a Euro-Latino background and is formally trained in the French tradition. Her love of Latin culture and flavours infuses our menus and many of our recipes.

Christine Anderson

Christine Anderson

Director of Fun

Christine Anderson has been making parties extra tasteful for over 30+ years. After honing her skills in management positions with some of Vancouver’s major caterers, she started her own business in 2003.

Why Choose Us?

What is unique about the FoodieLicious Kitchen?

We’re a little obsessive about food, but in a good way. Everything is made fresh, from scratch—even gravies, glazes, and dressings. We don’t use frozen or pre-packaged ingredients from restaurant delivery suppliers.

What inspires your menu and style of cooking?

While our cosmopolitan recipes draw inspiration from Asia, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America, we also excel at traditional favourites such as slow-roasted turkey and Baron of Beef.

For my wedding, do I have to make the room pretty?

Relax and pamper yourself. We decorate the room with twinkly fairy lights and drapery the day before your wedding, no extra charge. You don’t have to do a thing unless you want to pop in and add a few personal touches.

How much should I expect to spend per guest?

How hungry will they be? What time of day is your event? Prices depend on whether your function requires light refreshment, like an afternoon tea, or a multi-course dinner. It also depends on the size of your party. Please call or email our Director of Fun so she can provide you with an estimate.

What about extra costs? I’ve heard they can add up.

They can indeed. But our wedding package includes a lot of extras—no charge. Floor-length table linens and stretchy chair covers? Included. Places settings? Included.

Service staff and gratuities? Those are included, too.

What’s more, remember that if you choose an outdoor venue for your reception, renting a tent can be an expensive extra. With the FoodieLicious Kitchen’s combination of banquet room and patio, your guests can easily flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces. And, unlike lawn, both surfaces are friendly to high heels.

What about my gluten-free/vegetarian/allergic guests?

Our menus include plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options. Please alert us to any guests with food allergies or celiac disease.

What’s the deal with alcohol? How does the bar work?

Our Bar Packages include host bar, cash bar, or a combination bar. We’ll be happy to walk you through your options. As a licensed facility, FoodieLicious Kitchen must purchase and serve all alcohol on your behalf. Relax and enjoy being a guest at your own party.

What the heck is a spatchcock turkey?

It’s a way of cutting poultry open along the spine, so that it cooks flat and browns beautifully.

How do you make a cheese tower, anyway?

Very carefully. Our technique has been perfected over many years, and that’s all we’re going to tell you.